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United Kingdom

Report/Paper: Global Dashboard: A Tale of Two Cities
Published 29 January 2009 by Global Dashboard (original article)

This paper on cities and climate change, published by the British Council and Global Dashboard, explores the major challenges facing cities as unprecedented urbanization, resource scarcity and climate change combine to form an unstable blend of uncertainty, opportunities and risks.

Report/Paper: Volatile times - Transport, climate change and the price of oil
Published 22 December 2008 by Local Government Association (original article)

There is growing consensus that councils should be leading the national effort to tackle climate change. Councils can therefore take strategic action to reduce transport related carbon emissions (a major source of climate change) which can in turn address some of the impacts of oil price oil price volatility. The report concludes with specific recommendations to central government about how it can help local government respond to the challenges and opportunities.

London mayor launches plan to retrain jobless as energy advisers
Published 7 January 2009 by The Guardian (original article)

Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, unveiled proposals to set up a "retrofitting academy" to train an army of energy advisers as he aired his ambitions to place the city at the forefront of green industry. Johnson also vowed to push ahead with the retrofitting of buildings in London that in one way or another reside in the public sector – believed to be around 25% of all buildings in the capital.

In the eye of the storm: councils at the heart of tackling climate change
January 21, 2009 - Jan 22 2009
Published by Local Government Association (original article)

Local Government Association/Energy Saving Trust conference and exhibition 2009: in the eye of the storm: councils at the heart of tackling climate change
This Local Government Association and Energy Saving Trust conference will focus on the opportunities and challenges in reducing emissions and planning to adapt. Councils are uniquely placed to deliver change but cannot do it alone, so the conference will also look at mobilising communities and businesses to take action.

Resolution/Ordinance: Nottingham City Council acknowledges peak oil
Published 8 December 2008 by Transition Nottingham

In a unanimous decision, the Nottingham (UK) City Council passed a measure acknowledging "the forthcoming impact of peak oil," and listing actions it plans to take to help Nottingham "rise to the challenge of peak oil but also encourage the city to grasp the opportunities which peak oil offers."

Mayor planning free home insulation for Londonders
Published 25 November 2008 by The Telegraph (original article)

Boris Johnson, the London mayor, is basing the new program on a successful one in the metropolitan area of Kirklees. Insulating the lofts [atttics] of London homes will save residents money and help propel the city toward its goal of cutting its carbon emissions by 60% by 2025.

Book: Preparing for Peak Oil
Published 6 October 2008 by Oil Depletion Analysis Centre (original article)

UK-based ODAC (in cooperation with Post Carbon Institute) has prepared a new report aimed specifically at local government in the UK called Preparing for Peak Oil: Local Authorities and the Energy Crisis.

Mayor launches program to boost locally grown food in London
Published 4 November 2008 by City Farmer News (original article)

Mayor of London Boris Johnson and Rosie Boycott, Chair of London Food, today launched an innovative scheme to turn 2,012 pieces of land into thriving green spaces to grow food by 2012. Capital Growth – the first initiative delivered by Rosie Boycott in her capacity as Chair of London Food – aims to identify suitable patches of land around London and offer financial and practical support to groups of enthusiastic gardeners or organisations who want to grow food for themselves and for the local community.

Report/Paper: The Oil Crunch: Securing the UK’s energy future
Published 29 October 2008 by UK Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Energy Security (original article)

This report from the newly-formed UK Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Energy Security is the first multi-company alarm bell to be sounded on peak oil. It sets out a series of practical recommendations for Government, including action to grasp the significant economic and environmental opportunities from a step-change in investment in renewable energy and sustainable transport.

UK will face peak oil crisis within five years, report warns
Published 29 October 2008 by The Guardian (UK) (original article)

The risk to the UK from falling oil production in coming years is greater than the threat posed by terrorism, according to an industry taskforce report published today. The report, from the Peak Oil group, warns that the problem of declining availability of oil will hit the UK earlier than generally expected - possibly within the next five years and as early as 2011.

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