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Going global with green design
Published 10 April 2007 by The Oregonian (original article)

An interview with Rick Fedrizzi, president of the U.S. Green Building Council, on China, Portland, and the future of green building.

Architecture: Green and Greener
Published by WorldChanging (original article)

A concise, intelligent review of top green building trends like zero-energy design, LEED and pre-fab.

Editorial: Pushing ahead on green building
Published 6 April 2007 by The Oregonian (original article)

'Green building' is catching on as developers across the country recognize the cost and user benefits. Will Portland maintain its edge as the nation's green building leader?

Municipality sweetens pot for building 'green'
Published by Times Colonist (B.C.) (original article)

Saanich, B.C. will give priority to applications for housing projects using energy-efficient components and provide those builders rebates of up to 30 per cent on building-permit fees. The program could be up and running in six weeks.

Bright Green Buildings And Dark Green Buildings (blog)
Published by (original article)

A good run-down on micro-wind turbines, building-integrated wind turbines and other recent developments in green building technology.

China building blitz holds key to energy saving
Published 7 March 2007 by Reuters (original article)

Around half the world's new buildings go up in China each year, and the construction and use of the country's houses, offices and malls accounts for around 40 percent of its energy use.

Online: Architecture 2030: Resources for High Performance Green Building Design
Published by Architecture 2030 (original article)

U.S. Architect Edward Mazria's Architecture 2030 page includes regularly-updated resources on architectural and design responses to climate change.

Will climate change impact property values?
Published 19 March 2007 by The Age (Australia) (original article)

Entry by The Age's "Renovation Nation" blogger Alex May on the threat that sea level changes may pose to low-lying properties.

Online: Metro Vancouver Planning Coalition website
Published by Metro Vancouver Planning Coalition (original article)

MVPC is a sustainable planning and urban design think tank on focused the Vancouver, British Columbia region. MVPC's far-reaching work tackles the urban implications of peak oil and climate change, and explores planning and design repsonses to these challenges.

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