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Climate Change

Report/Paper: Global Dashboard: A Tale of Two Cities
Published 29 January 2009 by Global Dashboard (original article)

This paper on cities and climate change, published by the British Council and Global Dashboard, explores the major challenges facing cities as unprecedented urbanization, resource scarcity and climate change combine to form an unstable blend of uncertainty, opportunities and risks.

Report/Paper: Volatile times - Transport, climate change and the price of oil
Published 22 December 2008 by Local Government Association (original article)

There is growing consensus that councils should be leading the national effort to tackle climate change. Councils can therefore take strategic action to reduce transport related carbon emissions (a major source of climate change) which can in turn address some of the impacts of oil price oil price volatility. The report concludes with specific recommendations to central government about how it can help local government respond to the challenges and opportunities.

New Brunswick Emergency org.: Prepare for longer emergencies due to climate change
Published 23 December 2008 by CBC (original article)

The rise of freak weather storms as a result of global warming means that New Brunswickers should add extra water and supplies to their emergency stockpile, according to the director of the provincial Emergency Measures Organization.

Land Use, GHG and Green Development in Massachusetts
January 12, 2009 - Jan 13 2009
Published by Law Seminars International (original article)

More attention is being paid nationwide to reducing GHG emissions at the local level in land use pl anning. This path-breaking conference assembles experts from early adopter jurisdictions around the country, as well as leading Massachusetts land use professionals, to provide insights for attorneys, developers, planners, consultants and local governments on the best ways to respond to climate change concerns regarding development projects.

Call for ideas on living in a warming world
Published 19 December 2008 by San Francisco Chronicle (original article)

San Francisco's Bay Conservation and Development Commission is preparing to launch a $125,000 competition that will invite architects, planners and engineers to bring innovative proposals "to climate-proof the Bay Area," in the words of the competition outline. There is hope that some of the designs produced may be useful to other communities in similar situations.

In the eye of the storm: councils at the heart of tackling climate change
January 21, 2009 - Jan 22 2009
Published by Local Government Association (original article)

Local Government Association/Energy Saving Trust conference and exhibition 2009: in the eye of the storm: councils at the heart of tackling climate change
This Local Government Association and Energy Saving Trust conference will focus on the opportunities and challenges in reducing emissions and planning to adapt. Councils are uniquely placed to deliver change but cannot do it alone, so the conference will also look at mobilising communities and businesses to take action.

Canadian cities threatened by global warming
Published 16 December 2008 by Calgary Herald (original article)

Canada's government was warned nearly two years ago by its own experts that climate change was threatening critical infrastructure across the country, putting public health and the economy in jeopardy, according to memoranda released recently. Water systems were noted as particularly at risk.

Lincoln City crimps its carbon
Published 12 December 2008 by The Oregonian (original article)

The coastal Oregon town of Lincoln City aims to be first in the state to achieve "carbon neutrality" through green energy, efficiency, collaboration with a carbon co-op, and other measures. Their motive is ever-present: the Pacific Ocean, which will rise with global warming. (Daniel Lerch is quoted in this article.)

Report/Paper: Alachua County Energy Conservation Strategies Commission Final Report
Published 1 December 2008 by Alachua County Energy Conservation Strategies Commission (original article)

The final report of the Alachua County Energy Conservation Strategies Commission members delivers a list of recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners that would create an energy efficient and resource resilient community over the next 100 years.

Transforming Transportation 2009
January 14, 2009 - Jan 16 2009
Published by EMBARQ (original article)

EMBARQ works with cities in the developing world to catalyze and help implement sustainable solutions to the problems of urban mobility. By working with EMBARQ, cities can reduce the cost, risk, time, and complexity of diagnosing transport problems and designing and implementing sustainable solutions. EMBARQ has also proven that sustainable transport in developing countries can translate into economic opportunities for the forward-thinking business. This year's conference has three themes: BRT, Safety, and Climate.

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