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Resolution/Ordinance: Lawrence, KS: Establishing the Mayor's Task Force on Peak Oil
Published 2 September 2008 by Lawrence, Kansas (original article)

The City of Lawrence will create the Mayor's Task Force on Peak Oil to develop a response plan in active consultation with the community that will address both a sudden crisis-related reduction of fossil fuels and a long term depletion of fossil fuels.

Resolution/Ordinance: Marrickville, NSW adopts Oil Depletion Protocol
Published 20 February 2007 by Marrickville City Council (original article)

In February 2007, Marrickville (a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales) adopted the Oil Depletion Protocol, committing to an annual 3% reduction in the use of oil by the total operations of Marrickville Council.

Resolution/Ordinance: Nottingham City Council acknowledges peak oil
Published 8 December 2008 by Transition Nottingham

In a unanimous decision, the Nottingham (UK) City Council passed a measure acknowledging "the forthcoming impact of peak oil," and listing actions it plans to take to help Nottingham "rise to the challenge of peak oil but also encourage the city to grasp the opportunities which peak oil offers."

Resolution/Ordinance: Darebin peak oil resolution and report
Published 18 February 2008 by Darebin City Council (original article)

In April 2008, the Darebin City Council received a report on the implication for Council of Global Peak Oil that it had commissioned in July 2007. They resolved to continue the city's existing programs that enhance the city's resilience in the face of peak oil and add to them emphasis on the energy issue, to advocate to state and federal government about peak oil, and to refer the development of an action plan to budget considerations.

Resolution/Ordinance: Model Ordinance for Permitting of Small Wind Facilities
Published 10 November 2008 by Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (original article)

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) and the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs (EOEEA) have issued a model by-law to help cities and towns establish reasonable standards for small wind-energy development. This model applies to stand-alone wind facilities up to 60 kilowatts (kW) in capacity.

Resolution/Ordinance: Cleveland Energy Resolution
Published by Cleveland Councilman Brian Cummins

The Cleveland City Council passed this resolution in June 2008, recognizing the problem of peak oil and calling upon the mayoral administration to collaborate with them in convening a working group to investigate the risk and make recommendations.

Resolution/Ordinance: A Resolution Acknowledging the Challenge of Peak Oil (Chapel Hill, NC)
Published 27 October 2008 by Town of Chapel Hill (original article)

On October 27, the council of the town of Chapel Hill passed this resolution, recognizing the challenge of peak oil. The council recognized an obligation to inform the citizens of the potential risks, and directed that the issue be integrated into the Sustainability Committee's Sustainability Work Plan.

Resolution/Ordinance: Energy Scarcity Resolution - City of Nevada City California
Published 22 October 2008 by APPLE-NC (original article)

On October 22, 2008, the City Council of Nevada City passed this resolution recognizing the problem of peak oil and authorizing the creation of an "Energy Solutions Task Force." The coordination of the task force is assigned to local nonprofit community groups.

Resolution/Ordinance: Haines Borough (AK) Assembly creates an Energy and Sustainability Commission
Published by Haines Borough Government (original article)

A resolution of the Haines Borough (Alaska) Assembly appointing an ad hoc energy and sustainability commission and authorizing the borough manager to contract an energy and sustainability coordinator to assist the borough in maintaining and ensuring energy security.

Resolution/Ordinance: Somerset (UK) County Council resolution endorsing Transition Town movement
Published by Somerset County Council (original article)

The county council of Somerset, in southeast England, voted unanimously in support of a resolution that makes them the UK’s first ‘Transition Local Authority’. Adopting the transition town principles and goals means putting energy use and climate change into the mix in future planning.

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