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Published 1 December 2008 by Planning magazine (original article)

Oil production could peak by 2010. What does that mean for your community? An article by Daniel Lerch, featured in the December 2008 issue of Planning magazine.

Q&A about the Bellingham/Whatcom County Task Force
Published 3 August 2008 by (original article)

An interview with David MacLeod of Sustainable Bellingham about the formation and goals of the joint Bellingham / Whatcom County Energy Resource Scarcity / Peak Oil task force.

Interview with Westerly (RI) Peak Oil Task Force co-chair Patricia Hval
Published 15 September 2008 by Post Carbon Cities

The Westerly, R.I. Peak Oil Task Force formed in May and released its report in August -- an impressive feat for a group of volunteers, demonstrating the dedication they have to their town's well-being. Patricia Hval, one of the co-chairs of the task force, shares some thoughts about their experience and the way the task force is continuing their service to the community.

Aaron Newton on sustainable land use planning and infill agriculture
Published 29 August 2008 by Post Carbon Cities

In his work as a land planner in North Carolina, Aaron Newton works to create sustainable places. But it's not just his job: awareness of peak oil has led him to promote relocalization close to home, and led to coauthoring a new book that expands the definition of agricultural land.

Building the unbeatable deal
Published by Post Carbon Cities

Move into Kimberton Village Green, and your heating and cooling costs are paid for -- for the lifetime of the house. Post Carbon Cities talks with Dan Orzech of Earth Rising Homes about the town of Kimberton, the future of building, distributed energy, and building the Prius of homes.

Beyond Hope and Doom: Time for a Peak Oil Pep Talk
Published 29 February 2008 by Richard Heinberg

Post Carbon Institute Senior Fellow Richard Heinberg, on the psychological aspects of working to counteract the problems caused by peak oil and climate change. His "pep talk" reaches out to those working hard to make sure their families, their communities, and their planet are safe in a situation with many unknowns.

Post Carbon Cities interview on Global Public Media
Published by Global Public Media (original article)

Smart municipalities are planning and preparing for energy vulnerability and climate change. Peak Moment TV interviews Daniel Lerch, author of newly-released "Post Carbon Cities: Planning for Energy and Climate Uncertainty," the first major guidebook for local governments on peak oil and climate change.

Interview: The Social Effects of Peak Oil
Published 17 August 2007 by Global Public Media (original article)

How will rising oil prices affect low- and middle-class lives? Sociologist and professor Rowan Wolf sees at-risk populations growing while government services and class divides are increasingly strained. A member of the Portland Peak Oil Task Force, she discusses relocalizing our economies to counter globalization based on an unsupportable grow-or-die economic model.

Interview: Creating a town Energy Descent Action Plan
Published 29 June 2007 by Global Public Media (original article)

Global Public Media's Andi Hazelwood interviews two leaders in the new and quickly-growing international "Transition Towns" movement: Rob Hopkins of in the UK and Sonya Wallace of Creating a Sustainable Sunshine Coast (CASSC) in Australia. Sonya and Rob discuss their work on creating town Energy Descent Action Plans (EDAP), and the benefits and challenges of working with citizens, businesses and local officials on energy depletion issues.

Planning for Climate Change: A Community Toolkit for the U.S. Northeast
Published 8 July 2007 by Post Carbon Cities

Christa Koehler (Clean Air Cool Planet) and Steve Whitman (Jeffrey H. Taylor and Associates) describe local government responses to climate change in the U.S. Northeast, and their Community Toolkit that helps cities reduce greenhouse gas emissions while saving money.

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