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Princeton Library loans watt meters to energy savers
Published 15 July 2008 by The Princeton Packet (original article)

A simple tool helped the Princeton Public Library trim its energy use and expenses. Now they're making that tool available to the public, loaned out like a book, so individuals can understand how they're really using energy in their households.

Published 15 July 2008 by The Princeton Packet,

[This is an EXCERPT: read the whole article here. This library is not just saving energy and money, but helping community members save energy as well. For more thought about the role of libraries in energy-straitened times, see this article. -Ed.]

With one simple experiment, the Princeton Public Library discovered a way of saving around $6,500 a year. It didn’t take much — just a small device called the Kill-a-Watt meter.

The meter lets people measure just how much energy their appliances are consuming. Armed with that information, they can adjust their appliance use and cut energy costs.

Now, Princeton residents can discover similar savings in their homes by borrowing a Kill-a-Watt meter from the library. Available since June 1, the meters are in great demand.

"Our four Kill-a-Watt meters have been checked out constantly since their first day," said Susan Darkhosh, the manager of the Lending Services Department. "So far nine people have taken them out and 10 people are in the hold queue."

Photo credit: Michael Allen Smith

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